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When Bitclub first began my FB friend Joby Weeks announced that he was getting involved in Bitcoin mining and was doing it in a way that others could be part of it with a network marketing structure. I blew it off because personally I can't stand bitcoin mining pool reviews marketing. I could tell Ryan was a little peeved. The guy is one of the most bitcoin mining pool reviews marketers I have ever met.

Then someone else I know contacted me in August of last year and told me he would buy bitcoin mining pool reviews a position in Bitclub if I joined up with him. Now I had no reason to say no. I said sure and we were on our way with Bitclub. Since this person was gracious enough to buy a position for me in Bitclub I figured I should put in a little effort. So I made bitcoin mining pool reviews 10 images showcasing Bitclub, wrote an article and voila I felt accomplished. Over the next few months I signed up 7 people with 12 mining pools, on my team, through some basic marketing methods, solely Twitter and my blog.

Then I decided to turn off my Bitclub bitcoin mining pool reviews on Twitter. Since then I have signed up bitcoin mining pool reviews more people who were asking about mining Bitcoin.

That is pretty amazing, but to get the bonuses I need to level up to that point. Time to get to work on Steemit. I also have one member ExploreTraveler on Steemit who has decided to take Bitclub serious.

He is now at the Founder level. It is always nice to have someone on your team that is working just as hard or harder than you. I believe he has signed up 11 mining pools himself and is a Founder on my team. Bitcoin mining pool reviews Bitclub mining pools are not a get rich quick scheme that is for sure. So after one year you can see that I have done fairly well. I still have days left in my Pool 1 of mining and Days in my Pool 2 before those pools expire. Then hopefully the percentages taken out on a regular basis will pay for mining to continue.

If not Bitcoin mining pool reviews can always top off what little is needed. Total paid into my account was 2. I also received some Club Coin with my purchases around total. I sold them for Bitcoin which netted another nice profit of. I did level up to Pool 2 two months ago and plan to level up to pool 3 in the coming weeks. Like I mentioned before I have a gentleman purchasing 3 Founders pools for himself and his family.

I don't get the bonus unless I level up. Since I know many of you are miners and very smart blockchain tech folks Bitclub is not for you. Bitclub is a nice fit for those of us who want a piece of the mining action without having to understand the nuances of mining. It is also not for folks who live in the United States which limits its reach. They decided early to no longer offer Bitclub to Americans.

If you are a network marketing person Bitclub can be a huge opportunity. If you are a person who just wants a piece of the Bitcoin mining world then it works just as it says it does. Then those daily mining payouts look a little more enticing. Overall I am happy with my results on Bitclub. Some of my Crypto mining purist friends say I am stupid for doing it but remember I bitcoin mining pool reviews a marketer not a programmer or developer.

If you are a newbie to Bitcoin it is best that I set up your account for you from my platform. If you understand how to make Bitcoin transactions feel free to use this Anabell's Bitclub link to sign up.

It is the account of AnaHIlarski. I have just joined today as well as doing the NLA coin which is upcoming. And I am very excited: Run before it's too late!

Although it probably already is: I have heard it all but have found nothing to bitcoin mining pool reviews it otherwise. It is an MLM you are right. That is why I bitcoin mining pool reviews not join initially. We will see how it pans out. Two years down the road and it is bitcoin mining pool reviews going strong. Which puts them at 9 in the world in just two years. I personally don't know anyone who has taken a financial hit either.

Ponzi is such a generic term for everything today. I saw some folks calling Steemit a Ponzi. I giggled at that one. Thank you for the links, some folks might not do any research and come to an informed conclusion. I have not recruited anyone though as I was happy just to take the risk of something myself although I understand that the recruiter bonus is very nice.

Some very exciting developments coming soon in that space. It is definitely not making me rich. I have made way more money on Bitcoin mining pool reviews. The consistent payout is pretty nice though. I sold mine immediately. It made sense for my wife and I. The tech guys don't like it but if I was a programmer I would not be spending every day writing on Steemit.

I feel The Same Way! I want to make a video comparing bitclub to galaxy mining. Though it's hard to find the average income of each pool without the affiliate income. Check my profile or youtube channel, there you will find all information https: I'm currently looking into BitClub and found this post in a search on google for reviews of it.

Are you still using the platform? How is it going for you? I've heard from 2 different sources that they've done quite well and were able bitcoin mining pool reviews earn back their initial investment within 3 months, not sure what level they bought in at. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Marketing of Bitclub Begins. Time to get to work on Steemit ; I also have one member ExploreTraveler on Steemit who has decided to take Bitclub serious.

My Review of Bitclub and the Mining Pools. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Sooo much to learn, uggh lol. You have such good resources. TY as always Bitcoin mining pool reviews.

So far so good! Shared on Linked In also. Keep up the good work thank u a very good company

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