Bittrex ethereum deposit not showing up

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However STEEM I sent to them is still not reflecting after 2 hours, even though you can see the transfer in their wallet. Is anybody else experiencing slow reflection of transactions? I have logged support ticket but still no response. I thought I would be loyal to them during the likely Poloniex listing pump, since they supported STEEM from the beginning, but now it looks like I will miss out on the trading. The memo to use is the one displayed in the bittrex deposit side LOL Possibly an expensive lesson: Open the bittrex ethereum deposit not showing up wallet from the Bittrex Wallet page.

Ok, I see it is my fault Hmm, are you sure that you set the memo correctly? Mine is a hexadecimal string I'll have to check But I can,t even get on the site right now due to cloudflare warning What happened with the transfer? Do they sent it back? Ahh so I am not alone!! Me to I tried to withdraw about 8h ago, and it is locked onto pending state. Something is going on with them Once this get resolved, and dont go back to bittrex again.

They keep me in the dark and lock my money. So Bittrex ethereum deposit not showing up was even careful, but no consistency Bittrex has always been slow honestly, I tried transferring btc and exp there awhile back and got stuck with a half day deposit time. At the end of that I bittrex ethereum deposit not showing up like naw never again unless theres some huge magical gap on bittrex over polo, polo4lyfe. I hope you reset your steem keys after this mistake. The steem 'memo' key may not be used for anything right now, but in the future it will provide access to private messages Whats up with slow transfers to bittrex?

The Bittrex site does not indicate wallet maintenance. Should perhaps have sent it rather to Polo: Any other suggestions other than waiting for support to wake up later today? I used the wrong memo, must be more careful next time: Thank you," Great service!!! Your account has been credited. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. This is the last time I post a question Having said that, if it was the public key Starts with 'ST' I suspect that means it is safe

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According to Bittrex, the last block update occurred over 4 hours ago. Hopefully, all it is is their node needs to be reset. You will need a message if you are transferring from your nano wallet back to the exchange. Right now there is an issue with xem block updates on bittrex, so once that is resolved we should all see our transfers go through. I sent the XEM from my bittrex to Nano with no message. On Bittrex the withdrawal is complete. Nothing showing in my Nanowallett.

How long should this take? It has been almost 12 hours. Message on bittrex The last block update occurred minutes ago. Is there a problem or will this eventually go through? After 8 hours coins not received. Using Windows 10 and Chrome. Same things but in another direction from Nanowallet to Bittrex, 13h ago. This is likely because of long block times on the coin network. Are you sure the transfer was successful? The tx id is not in the network, that means there was no transaction from bittrex yet.

The transaction status on Bittrex says Completed. I have submitted a request to Bittrex support. Thanks for the response. A post was merged into an existing topic: Once that status starts going down and bittrex starts syncing again, our coins should start showing up. Did you put a message in the transaction? I did not and hope I didn;t lose my shit!! We are in contact with Bittrex, they are having an issue on their end. Bittrex is having issues syncing NIS. We are in contact with them.

The same problem with me. I think something wrong with their wallet. Support of Bittrex is keep silence for 16h already on my request. The last block update occurred minutes ago.