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Go to regular site. Home Top Recently Update Featured sites. The Fastest Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies: Does Fast Transaction Time Matters? The modify necessary mined coins to be help for 1 12 months prior to being released to customers for use, so the present pools sort of gave up on continuing as they generally operate on a mining fee and miners fled from the coin.

The only way that was left to mine was utilizing the in-wallet constructed-in miner that is slower than the presently present miners that could be utilized only for pool mining. The only benefit that was left was that the mined coins from 50 per block when mined would achieve curiosity and would be significantly a lot more when they have been released to the consumer.

You need to also be in a position to use the slower non-AES-NI capable miner that you can find here for older CPUs with no the required instruction support. Do note that you must be ready to use this miner for other coins that rely on the HODL algorithm as there are apparently some already obtainable such as ERC. Do note that all HODL coins are still locked for one 12 months after mining as there is currently no way to withdraw the stability for miners.

Instead, as soon as the stability reaches at least 50 HODL, it will get eligible for which includes in a mining block. The up coming block will constantly be mined to the tackle of the miner which has the highest eligible stability at which level you would still have to wait for one yr to in fact be ready to use these mined coins.

The hope, the companies say, is to give economic providers firms with data on bitcoins transactions so that they can keep away from interacting with events tied to income laundering or other perceived to illicit activities. Vulture Capital now intends to aid mainstream fostering of cryptocurrencies by merging the modern technology with the film industry. With this crowdsale, Vulture Funding is looking forward to create the initial feature movie of its kind funded by cryptocurrency.

With this crowdsale, Vulture Resources desires to display the massive capacity of cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding to the world. VCAP crowdsale will certainly not just aid Hedley Productions raise the funds called for to generate a function film, yet additionally spread out recognition concerning digital currency amongst those who enjoy the motion picture also.

Today, the movie sector has actually transformed right into an industry with great deals of relocating parts. Films need to not only interest the audience however likewise satisfy all the stakeholders in the task, which consists of advertisers, firms, PR companies as well as others. Tiny budget plan flicks are a distant memory as well as without large budget plans and also financing from different stakeholders, it is impossible to create films. Yet crowdfunding through cryptocurrencies can alter it, as people will have the ability to determine just what they wish to view and also contribute to it.

The payments could come from any type of edge of the earth, virtually immediately with electronic moneys. Upon release, the income created from the movie will go to repaying VCAP token owners and also various other capitalists. As soon as all the stakeholders are made up, any type of profits created will certainly be discussed equally in between the producers and VCAP holders.

Marauder Resources will maintain the entire process of fundraising, shooting, launch as well as performance clear for the financiers. The firm will constantly upgrade the development on its internet site, social networks as well as various other industry web sites provided on vulturecaps. Know a lot more about Marauder Resources at — — www. Benjamin Padua Call Email: New York Marauder Resources is the source of this material. Digital currency is illegal tender, is not backed by the federal government, as well as accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other customer protections.

This news release is for educational purposes only. About Bitcoin PR Buzz: Bitcoin PR Buzz has actually been happily serving the Public Relations and advertising requirements of Bitcoin as well as digital currency technology start-ups for over 2 years. Obtain your personal professional Bitcoin as well as digital currency Press Launch. Go here for more details. Bitcoin PR Buzz Share this: You could acquire around BTC everyday even more if you are a preferred customer and get the bitcoins all in the very same day.

Tweet Share on Tumblr Pocket Email Print Read More August 3, Crypto Mining No comments Security Breach on Bitfinex, Trading Was Halted The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex has officially revealed that it has actually experienced a safety and security violation and also as an outcome had to halt trading and also quit access for everyone until the circumstance is fixed. As an outcome of the pull it off appears that the funds of some users of the exchange have been swiped, but no one understands just how bad the situation was obviously.

The markets have promptly reacted with a sharp drop of the Bitcoin price, an additional drop of the currently decreasing BTC exchange rate in the last days… … Below is a quote of the official announcement about the safety violation at Bitfinex: Today we uncovered a security breach that needs us to stop all trading on Bitfinex, in addition to stop all electronic token down payments to as well as withdrawals from Bitfinex.

We are examining the breach to establish just what occurred, but we understand that some of our customers have had their bitcoins stolen. We are embarking on a testimonial to figure out which individuals have been influenced by the violation. While we perform this preliminary examination and also protect our environment, bitfinex. The theft is being reported to— and also we are co-operating with— police.

Any settlements will certainly be at the existing market rates as of We are taking this needed accountancy action to normalize account balances with the objective of resuming operations. We will look at numerous options to resolve consumer losses later in the investigation. While we are stopping all procedures right now, we can confirm that the breach was limited to bitcoin wallets; the various other digital symbols traded on Bitfinex are untouched.

We will publish updates as when suitable on our condition web page, bitfinex. We are deeply worried regarding this issue and we are dedicating every resource to attempt to fix it. Crypto Mining Blog site Share this: The greatest USD bitcoin exchange further announced a shutting down of its website as well as trading […] The blog post Update: Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Whois Server Version 2. Mon, 16 May Com - Ours Site. Colony Suites Jerusalem vacation rentals for short term accommodation.

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Yes we're testing some s today - no, they are not of the "RX" variety. Let's see if hard use really causes performance degradation! Thanks to HP for sponsoring this video! Learn more about their PageWide Printers at bit. Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High ruvid. Video Share Download Add to. Sorry for my English, but I search a thing like this but I don't know how to search it and I saw that in the video and try to find an answer. From the picture of the video I thought you build a deadly robot Am I the only one who thought "Why is there a miniature locomotive on this Linus thumbnail" when seeing it?

Video cards are rated for millions of hours so this isn't realistic unless you've dropped your card. My prediction this is before watching the video and I have just paused during the unboxing. The only problem I can see personally in buying an old, especially mining card, is the fans due to them being a moving part and can fail after extensive use.

Fastest performance degradation of any chewing gum on the market! Both cards are new, because if it is used in bench marking by putting a heavy load on it for few mins, and then spending few months in your computer, still not enough. You should have got a graphic card from a crypto mining rig, where those poor graphic cards get not only used, but abused. Then it will be a fair comparison. Although I am pretty sure the results will be the same if the fan still rotates.

But you will have a stronger argument. Ever notice how your Windows PC slowed down a little at a time, and the degradation accelerated the closer a new Windows release was, having you frustrated looking for reasons you could never find? It's a way to make you want the new Windows release more than you should.

A majority of Windows 10's faster performance is directly due to the Linux technology they now use, and they may not slow down your PC's as much anymore with their new pay per use policy, where upgrades aren't going to cost you extra.

Then again, upgrading your OS will also be less of a priority to them, for the same reason, and they make more on mining your data than on the OS and their software. Strange too, how most corporate software is geared towards using as many resources they can possibly hog Adobe is one , because newer devices have more, and they see them as their resources, not yours!

No incentive to use them sparingly. Good developers always try to do best with as little as possible, and most noticeably on Open source OS's. Why the performance decays? Because most of the average consumer don't do any sort of maintenance to their computer.

Termal compound on the GPU gets old and dissipation is not the same, fan and card gets full of dust, and all this things together lead to a point: The dirtier the card is, the higher the operational temperature is, thus, the lower the performance is.

I have a 5 year old laptop iM, 8GB Ram, HD, GB, and performance its the same as the day I unboxed it because of good maintenance history Cleaning fans, termal compound, windows reinstall, etc. Seems like replacing the fan would be really the only thing to worry about. I'd still be really squicked buying a post-crypto card, though These are digital outputs - they work, or they don't. Why would anyone think they would perform differently? The best argument for 'degradation' would be capacitor or resistor failure.

That hp printer ad.. I've watched ltt for a long time now and have never seen that one before. They show a shot of setup ink cartridges that have significantly less ink in them compared to normal ones. My FX Go still kicks ass, even plays p video at 25fps the crap 1. I thought it was pretty cool that he's messing about with the exact model I had. OMG can nobody hold onto components anymore? Has gravity become too much for people to handle?

Performance degradation with Apple is a software feature, it transpires. Each OS upgrade reduces the quality of your experience intentionally, in order to make you go out and buy a new one. As if being market leader wasn't already enough, they have to scam their customers too. Is this a remix? I swear I watched this a loooong time ago Also, ty for all your hard work!!!

Totally works until it totally doesn't. Like when you just bring new equipment home and your old equipment gets jealous and fails. I'm definitely gonna check Amazon and buy up some awesome GTX's. Performance degradation from Nvidia drivers.

Scientific Method wins again. Also this is a random unrelated question i've been pondering. I was reminded by testing old cards. It still functions as my main card and performs quite well. So I guess the question is: I am not agree your used card is agressive used, it looks like new this card not suffer dust or thermal problems. About software problem that is most comment yes that why is good reinstall windows minimum 1 time on year when used heavily.

When I go sometimes in my friends houses and see their machine move like crap most times reason is because they not reinstall windows some years and that is pretty often about regular people. Performance degradation in PCs mainly happens because over time software gets updated to take advantage of newer hardware so their new features are made with newer hardware's performance envelope and capabilities in mind. Over the years the PC will still perform at the same envelope as when it was initially bought but the software on it is no longer the same, it has invariably become more resource intensive and your hardware just can't keep up with it anymore like it used to.

All chips degrade over time, though you won't see it as a measurable performance decrease. What happens is they get to a point where they just stop working.

Overclocking speeds this process up but it happens even at stock clock speeds. It's a known fact that apple fucks your devices on purpose so you buy a new one.

What am I doing wrong? While my experience is a couple years old, I found hp printers the worst to install drivers for. Anyway thanks Linus it was nice to see this degradation myth tested.

This doesn't exactly is the best way to test it, because some cards have chips with better quality inside, and overclockers know it, that some cards in the same model can take more heat since they hit the chip lottery, the ideal way would be to you to test the same gpu over time, what I mean is, you benchmark it now, and keep using it, and after some years take a look if the performance is still the same as brand new.

Oh man, is this the same printer that was selling for a buy one get one free deal because HP had been saying LaserJet was the way to go? This is the same printer where it's not uncommon for the printhead to fail and the entire machine needs to be replaced. It's still ink expect it to curl the pages. Jokes on Apple Iphone users, performance degradation due to battery "optimization" Yay! Take in consideration the thermal thermal paste which gets dried overtime and decreases performance due rising of temperature.

The paste on a CPU should be replaced every 1 or 2 years depends how often it was used , the paste from a GPU should be replaced right after the years warranty is over and then every year after if you are a low budget gamer. It looks like Linus has never opened up a Graphics card box before with the intention of reselling later on. If you had a supercomputer: I just probably suffer from a rare genetic condition that compels me to be a smart-ass I like your show s a lot though I bet you regret the iPhone reference now hahaha.

Given that Apple intentionly slow older devices and all lol. Really helpful since I'm building a PC and don't know if I should get used parts for cheaper or new parts for about one hundred dollars more. That change a lot in the equation.. I mean , in 6 years the "brand new" thermal paste must have been really dry.. So, if a card has been used for mining for say 1 year, always running, is it still good? This vid makes me sad about all the hardware that sits in a warehouse until it's out of date.

Both for selfish reasons and environmental. I hustle in old stuff still in shrink wrap. Specifically, jigsaw puzzles and board games. Mc donald had a farm.

Where there was an upset employee and he took shit for a while. I have big arms and a big brain. Lets smoke some weed and forget about that place. He then realized he was so fucking high again. He thus ended up at a strip club and was tipping strippers with copper.

Superman had shown how he is not responsible but did know how to treat a lady. Now that the high was officially over, he headed to the market to apply for a job.