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Partners HealthCare talking merger with insurer Harvard Pilgrim. May 04, Leadership. In an article for RealClearHealth, CMS Administrator Seema Verma, MPH, said the industry can expect more proposals meant to push consumerism in game robot tron thoat hay nhat 2017 along the lines of recent policies on price transparency and easier data sharing.

HHS sued over failing to release communications on family planning grants, religious freedom. May 04, Policy. May 04, Health IT. May 03, Quality. The most striking finding was the surge in deaths from suicide, alcohol and overdoses from opioids and other drugs since Tom Price walks back comments saying ACA mandate repeal will drive up costs.

May 03, Leadership. May 03, Health IT. A blog post from Shawn Martin, senior vice president of advocacy, practice advancement and policy at the American Academy of Family Physicians, argued the electronic health record EHR industry has failed to live up to promises to reduce costs, improve care and help avert dangerous medical errors—and what it needs now is a disruptive infusion of competition.

Upside-only ACOs will leave if forced to take on downside risk. May 02, Healthcare Economics. Looking ahead, however, it advises facilities to pay more attention to value-based care concepts and new technologies like telemedicine and artificial intelligence. CMS cancels announcement about rejecting lifetime limits in Medicaid. May 02, Policy. CMS was set to announce on May 1 it would deny a Medicaid waiver request from Kansas to impose a three-year lifetime limit on benefits in the program, but internal disagreements scuttled the announcement at the last minute, according to The Hill.

Hefty bills await patients just for walking game robot tron thoat hay nhat 2017 ER. She went to an emergency room ERreceived a minimal amount of help and still got saddled with a massive game robot tron thoat hay nhat 2017. Ascension, the largest nonprofit health system in the U. Repealing individual mandate will harm ACA markets. May 01, Leadership. May 01, Care Delivery. Uninsured rate on the rise—up 4M since May 01, Healthcare Economics.

Years of gains in insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act ACA game robot tron thoat hay nhat 2017 beginning to reverse, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund which found Bonuses driving the upward trend in C-suite compensation.

Median earned base-to-bonus ratio—measuring what proportion of compensation comes from incentives beyond base salary—rose for several job titles in Apr 30, Policy. Maine became the first state to approve Medicaid expansion at the ballot box. Despite 59 percent of voters approved of expansion, Gov.

Paul LePage has taken several steps which have stalled its implementation. Apr 30, Healthcare Economics. Apr 30, Health IT. Eleven months after the U. According to Politico, two men in the social circle of President Donald Trump may be to blame for holding up the project—and neither man officially works for his administration. CMS published several of its annual proposed Medicare payment rules on Friday afternoon, covering a slew of facilities like nursing homes, hospices, inpatient rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals.

As predicted, the proposed rule also included regulatory changes in line with CMS initiatives on reducing administrative burden and granting patients easier access to their own data. California congressman proposes testing automatic enrollment in ACA plans. Apr 27, Healthcare Economics. Thirty transactions were announced between January 1 and March 31, an 11 percent increase over game robot tron thoat hay nhat 2017 same period inaccording to Kaufman Hall.

Esteban Rubens on machine learning, reliability and the growing importance of flash storage in medical imaging. Getting better with age: Older surgeons have lower patient mortality rates. Young physicians may pick up bad habits from teaching hospitals.

What hospitals can learn from Boston Marathon bombing response. How a rural, independent hospital can survive. EHR software will eventually be free. Mixed results for Medicaid maternity bundle in Texas. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award. Medical Group Management Association teaches practices how to be more profitable and transformative in patient care.

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