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I first made a test by sending 1 LTC, it worked without problem. Then I wanted to send all my However, the LTCs never showed up on my new wallet! Now my old wallet transaction history shows that the amount has been sent, but at the same time the status indicates: The saldo of this wallet is now 0 LTC. I have checked that I sent it to the correct address. This happened two days ago. Both wallets are fully synchronised and up to date with the network.

I have also done the same with other altcoins, and I had no problem. Could someone please help me to get my LTC back? When answering me, please note that I am not a technical person… I do not know where to find the info allowing le to check the status of my LTCs litecoin block explorer test net computers the net.

Thanks a lot in advance and have a good day. Here in the website in the search button put litecoin block explorer test net computers litecoin address where u put the coin. And litecoin block explorer test net computers u will get the block information is it there or not.

Hope this will help u. And my advice donot keep in core wallets lots of crash occurs. So my LTC are still invisible… Another idea anyone?

In the sending wallet, status is this paiment is still: But the amount has been debited and now my balance is 0 empty wallet. In the receiving wallet, nothing appears about thid paiement. I would simply abandon the transaction in the sending wallet. Optionally you could wait it out like Rohan11 mentioned.

How do I resend a transaction with extra fee? For Bitcoin Core users: Right click the transaction and choose "Abandon Transaction" Send the coins again with a fee. If for some reason you cannot abandon it, you can definitely use zapwallettxes to accomplish the same thing. In the meantime tanks a lot already. Finally I could get my litecoins back. Then I could resend with a higher fee. Nothing you or CXOP suggested worked incl. I want to share it between you and CXOP. So I just sent you 0.

My bad for missing that. Again, glad you were able to upgrade the wallet and subsequently abandon the no-fee transaction. Nothing I was suggested to try worked, incl. Luckily my transaction history appeared in the new wallet. Then I could resend the stuck transaction with a higher fee.

BEFORE downloading a new version that will override litecoin block explorer test net computers version, make shure litecoin block explorer test net computers back up your wallet in a different folder in case things go wrong…. I purchased some litecoin about 4 years ago.

I had it in my Litecoin QT wallet, I backed it up wallet. So I downloaded the latest version of Litecoin Core from the litecoin. It updated and showed my balance which I originally had, no problem. After many hours of waiting, here is the message that continued to show up: I then abandoned the transaction and received my LTC back it shows my balance available again.

Then I tried to send a smaller amount 10 ltc to the same btc-e provided address, again the same message popped up after 20 mins of waiting. However, this time, after I sent the transaction my litecoin core wallet showed my entire balance at 0, even though I sent far less than my entire balance.

I abandoned that transaction again and it shows again my full balance is available and 0 pending. I am unsure what to do or how I can move my balance into a wallet such as coinbase or something similar where I can liquidate into USD or at least BTC.

It looks like you did not put a high enough fee to pay for those processing your transfer, therefore it is not processed or with an extremely long delay. You should retry with a higher fee.

If I remember well, I doubled the by default minumum fee. If I am the one solving your problem please send your 1 LTC donation to the forum support address. Hello AlexandreV, Hello alle. Habe fast das gleiche Problem. Ich sendete 9,2 LTC von meinem Coinbase. Leider habe ich bei coinbase. Nun sieht mein Status so aus: Scheinbar sind meine LTC weg oder irgenwo im niergendwo. Trotzdem sind die 9,2 LTC nicht mehr zu finden. Litecoin block explorer test net computers AlexandreV, Hello everyone.

Have almost the same problem. Now my status looks like this: I do not know myself as well as you and can not solve that alone. Apparently my LTC are gone or somewhere in the nowhere. Please support possibly also directly pertschy a1.

Thank you in advance. Sent my LTC to my new wallet but they never reached it! Can you litecoin block explorer test net computers us the transaction ID for the coin send litecoin block explorer test net computers the old wallet?

Here is the transaction ID: What happens if you right-click the individual transaction, does an option to abandon show up? Sorry about that, I completely missed that you were running an ancient wallet. Hello, I have a problem similar to this one. Anyone who can help will also receive 1 LTC reward. Hi Dave did you fix your wallet? I have litecoin block explorer test net computers issue with mine too.

These forms are great but we need a call in line lol I need help moving my LTC and will be happy to pay someone to help.

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Peer to Peer Peer to Peer P2P refers to the decentralized interactions between two parties or more in a highly-interconnected network. Node Oracles Oracles work as a bridge between the real world and the blockchain by providing data to the smart contracts litecoin testnet explorer.

The SHA computational algorithm is an example of a cryptographic hash. About Jaxx Jaxx is the first multi-asset wallet that syncs across all devices and provides users the ability to manage, send, receive and exchange digital currencies while users remain in full control of their keys.

Proof of Work A consensus distribution algorithm that requires an active role in mining data blocks, often consuming resources, such as electricity. Cryptocurrency Cryptographic Hash Function Cryptographic hashes produce a fixed-size and unique hash value from variable-size transaction input.

These transaction fees add up to account for the block reward that a miner receives when he successfully processes a block. Bitcoin Bitcoin is the first decentralised, open source cryptocurrency that runs on a global peer to peer network, without the need for middlemen and a centralised issuer. Though i think some new kind of tokens buying shares like binance or kucoin may be tokens which when bought early will most deffinitely shoot up and seems to have little risk.

Central Ledger Confirmation Consensus Consensus is achieved when all participants of the network agree on the validity of the transactions, ensuring that the ledgers are exact copies of each other.

Merge Mining, or AuxPow, allows the work being done for a parent coin such as Bitcoin or Litecoin to be used to find valid blocks on Myriad s blockchain. Obviously everybody hopes their chosen coins will go to the moon lol. However, it uses a lot of computing power and processing time, forcing miners to form mining pools to capture gains. Our site also has a documented public API for use in your Litecoin-based applications. Siacoin to NVC http: DigiByte to PKB http: According to a testnet block explorer, a 3.

As stated over, getting bitcoins via an exchange is the most typical as well as viable way to get started. Bitcoin is an independent money while no organization has any control over it. The Blockchain is a ….