Que es almidon liquido concentrado

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The invention relates to a liquid heat transfer, for example, for use in a cooling circuit of a motor vehicle que es almidon liquido concentrado in a building, particularly in this case for a heating circuit or air conditioning of a home or an industrial site.

The trend for several years is to consider the ecological character of liquid heat transfer, which is required to be, as far as que es almidon liquido concentrado, biodegradable, vegetable and prepared from renewable raw materials origin. In order to prevent heat transfer fluid from freezing, most of them use either mono- ethylene glycol MEG acronymwhich is toxic or monopropylene glycol MPG acronymwhich is not toxic, but que es almidon liquido concentrado fossil origin.

Using MPG has made significant progress since this product is not toxic. However, the applicant has sought to develop a fluid transfer heat even more ecological. En este enfoque, el solicitante se ha encontrado principalmente con la siguiente dificultad: In this approach, the applicant has been found mainly the following difficulty: Pero tiene la desventaja de ser caro.

But it has que es almidon liquido concentrado disadvantage of being expensive. It is this dilemma that the applicant has sought a solution. The invention is remarkable in that it proposes a combination that had not been contemplated by the skilled artisan.

Indeed, the skilled artisan, manufacturer heat transfer fluid, is forced que es almidon liquido concentrado logistical constraints storage industry. He would not seriously considered a solution that requires storing two different products, especially when glycerin can not be stored outside because it generally requires a constant effort to preserve and maintain its flow characteristics warming. The skilled artisan also would have considered even less such a combination in which the pure 1,3-propanediol gives full satisfaction from a technical and chemically, while glycerin poses many problems not encourage use, even mixed with another element.

And yet, by combining these elements against these a priori and in certain proportions, it is as the applicant has developed a liquid heat transfer without monoethylene glycol or monopropylene and has many advantages: The fluid heat transfer of the invention can be advantageously used as a cooling liquid of a thermal engine of the motor vehicle or as a liquid heat transfer in an air conditioning circuit or que es almidon liquido concentrado of a building either housing or industrial.

The Applicant has found in fact that, in these proportions, the product qualities are perfectly optimized in relation to its cost. The Applicant has noticed in particular that the presence of a diazole is particularly effective for stabilizing the pH of the fluid heat transfer.

Such a process allows efficient manufacturing of the liquid heat transfer. The procedure presented above is suitable for the que es almidon liquido concentrado of liquid introduced above.

The invention also relates to the use of liquid introduced above as cooling liquid of a thermal engine of a motor vehicle or as a heat transfer fluid in an air conditioning circuit or a building heating.

The invention will be better understood from the following description of the preferred embodiment of the heat transfer liquid of the invention. Glycerin is also known as glycerol. El colorante es en concreto clorofilina E The dye is particularly chlorophyllin E Its composition is as follows, in weight percentages: The manufacture of heat transfer fluid according to this first embodiment is carried out by mixing the components of this liquid in the order of their earlier filing.

Respecting this order is particularly advantageous because it allows solubilize sebacic acid present for example in powder form before mixing with glycerine and 1,3-propanediol.

This allows the liquid heat transfer in 5 good condition. It according to a particular embodiment in this case, in order to facilitate handling of the various components used in the manufacture of a concentrated cooling liquid corrosion inhibitor, which has que es almidon liquido concentrado following composition: In this case, the manufacturing process may comprise the following steps. El procedimiento se puede detallar entonces de la siguiente manera.

The process is then detail as follows. The concentrate is then added and mixed, preferably for at least one hour. It is added 30 finally the antifoam component, after the dye and the mixture is homogenised. Prefabrication of concentrated corrosion inhibitor is classical, preferably by introduction of the 35 additives successively in the order of their earlier presentation, ie: In order to ensure adequate concentration of each of the components and in particular, sebacic acid and sodium hydroxide, it is preferable to carry out an analysis or a prior determination of sodium sebacate before use.

The pH of the concentrate obtained is between 9. In this case, the concentrate composition is as follows, in weight percentages: The heat transfer fluid is then formed in the following proportions: The manufacturing process of the liquid heat transfer according to this second embodiment is identical to the method of manufacturing the heat transfer liquid according to the first embodiment, being only effective amounts modified to adapt concentrations.

The characteristics of density, reserve alkalinity, pH and freezing are identical. Liquid heat transfer comprising a liquid heat exchange such as water and arranged to lower the freezing temperature of the liquid heat exchange component, characterized in that said component it consists of a mixture It comprising, by mass, between.

Heat transfer corrosion inhibitor. Using a liquid of claims 1 to 3 as que es almidon liquido concentrado cooling liquid of a thermal engine of the motor vehicle or as heat transfer fluid in an air conditioning circuit or a building heating. Method of manufacturing a heat transfer fluid comprising a liquid heat exchange such as water and a component arranged to lower the freezing temperature of the liquid.

Method according to claims 5 and 6, adapted for the manufacture of liquid from the. Heat transfer compositions with high electrical resistance for fuel cell assemblies.

Azole derivatives are used in anti-freeze concentrates for improving the active life of 1,3-propanediol-based coolants for fuel cells especially used in vehicles.

Antifreeze concentrates and coolant compositions based on polyglycols and amides for the protection of magnesium and its alloys. The nontoxic watery solution against freezing and corrosion and the regenerator for the utilized antifreeze. Corrosion inhibited ammonium sulfate solutions and compositions useful for manufacturing them.

Coolant composition containing potassium formate and potassium acetate and method of use. Dietary lipids and temperature interact to influence que es almidon liquido concentrado fatty acid compositions of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L. Aqueous foaming compositions, foam compositions, and preparation of que es almidon liquido concentrado compositions.

Cold storage method, cold storage system, cold storage agent, and method for taking out que es almidon liquido concentrado. Interactive effects of environmental salinity and temperature on metabolic responses of gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata.

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