Reaper mining litecoin with gui

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Yep, the cards are being used completely independantly of each other so even Nvdia and AMD gpu's should work together but you can never guarentee it. Its really cool being able to use my old in my computer with my s and be able to get something out of it for the first time in years. In other news my computer is about to reaper mining litecoin with gui down reaper mining litecoin with gui the ridiculous amount of heat I'm putting off.

I also have to stay up until midnight to make so I'm tired enough to go to sleep with the sound of a dozen fans and three maxed out GPUs screaming at my feet.

If this was directed at me and what program im using to mine, im using GUI Miner Scrypt, and i can get that hashrate on both CG miner and Reaper which are just run through the GUI interface, its a nice little miner actually, i just hate having console windows open all reaper mining litecoin with gui time.

It is going reaper mining litecoin with gui and maintaining an internal temperature of 83C. I'm looking into adding my cpu into the mix Intel i7 Guys I'm having this very specific problem I just reaper mining litecoin with gui figure out. I'v literally looked on every forum for 2 days but I'm continuing to have this problem. First, yes I have configured all the settings correctly and I just joined pool.

However, everytime I start reaper it starts correctly then once it gets to the part to create the kernel it says "Compiling kernel I literally have no clue what to do I'v tried everything. If anyone can help me I would love you forever XD. So I just setup cgminer and now as soon as I run it, it crashes also! I have no idea why. I tripple checked everything. I can still mine with mybut not at the proper undervolted overclocked settings with the custom fan profile.

Anyhow, it's very easy to use and I was having a lot of crash issues as well and this program has been stable for me for over 2 weeks. I run it all night and most of the day. Full rig details with build list and step by step assembly. Once they're set up, I run them as a headless mining rig and use logmein to tweak settings, etc. I'm waiting a new mobo with 6 pci-e slots to arrive because I have an extra Sapphire XT with Boost reaper mining litecoin with gui sitting there.

I also ordered some riser cables so I can fill all slots with X's within few months. I started with Litecoin but soon after changed to Feathercoin mainly because slightly better profits. Hey, I'm new here and am so happy to see a cryptocurreny forum.

I am currently mining litecoin with a Zeusminer Hurrican X6 asic and a raspberry Pi. If anyone is trying to set up an X6 asic miner from Zeusminer with a Pi and is running into issues I'll be happy to write out a post with the step by step process that I had to take.

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