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At a unique industrial workshop in Boston's Seaport, teams of researchers are creating the future. They're experimenting with new construction technologies and design techniques that promise to transform the way things are made. Projects include autonomous robotic arms that one day could build shelters on the moon, Mars and beyond, and robo-furniture that can convert rooms to fit your needs — on command.

Two years ago, California-based design-software company Autodesk set up shop in Boston's so-called Innovation District with some innovative ideas of its own. The waterjet shoots out a stream of ground-up garnet and water at 87, pounds per square inch — enough power to slice through glass, steel, even titanium.

It's a place where — for a few months — competitively selected tech teams get unlimited access to specialized software, expensive equipment, expertise and workspace at no cost. Here, startups are free to explore the limits of their industrial design imaginations. MetaComb is trying to automate the process to turn corrugated cardboard tossed into the trash into a super strong, sustainable building material. The prefab wall panels could cut costs and the pollution from transporting materials to work sites.

I had to shake his left hand. So yeah, I woke up with a surprise. Leonard is designing a process to update the prosthetic arm attachment system. Leonard's goal is to go from a scanned image of an amputee's arm to computerized custom design, to finished 3D printed product — using a plant-based plastic. Nearby, at another BUILD workspace, an electronic whistling sound is produced by a different kind of arm at work. Bell puts the huge digital construction platform through its paces.

Bell is with MIT's Media Lab, where the giant foot-long autonomous arm mounted on a maneuverable platform was created. Actually, it's two arms: Recently this robo-builder made a foot diameter, foot-high domed structure in 14 hours — all by itself.

The building could be used to store road salt, or as an emergency shelter, or a home away from home Closer to home, the company Ori Systems is using robotics to bring the price of rental space down to earth. But with Ori System's smart, movable furniture, you can have it all. On command, tiny robots transform the space into different functions. So think of programmable spaces. Think dorm rooms, or hotels and offices.

Stefanie Pender's name was misspelled in the first publication of this article, and we incorrectly stated that the Media Lab's autonomous arm cost more than its nearest competitor. We regret the errors. Bruce Gellerman Twitter Reporter Bruce Gellerman is an award-winning journalist and senior correspondent, frequently covering science, business, technology and the environment.

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